Terminate an employee?

What should I do when an employee quits?

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Terminate an employee with a termination date

Click: Setup Admin

  1. Open employees master data card

  2. Click "Make user inactive"

bitabiz terminate employee

3. Select the "Termination date"

bitabiz terminate employee

Click "Save"

  • The employee has now been made inactive and does not have access to BitaBIZ.

  • The employee has been removed as a user from BitaBIZ.

  • However, the employee's master data and registrations have not been deleted and the employee can be reactivated.

To view inactive employees, click "Show inactive employees"

Access to an inactive employee's registrations?

In relation to termination, there may be a need to follow up on employee registration.

The Payroll Admin role has access to inactive employees' calendars.

Click: Payroll Admin -> Employee -> Calendar access

inactive employee bitabiz

ℹ️ When an employee stops, earnings for various balances are stopped per selected date. For the vacation balance, this means that if an employee is terminated by the last date of the month, it is from this date that the vacation earnings are stopped.

Overview of terminated employees?

The Payroll Admin role has access to a list of active and inactive employees.

Click: Payroll Admin -> Employee -> Calendar access

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