Introduction to setting up custom registration types

The module is used for the following purposes:

Planning and overview:
Evening shift, weekend shift, day off, employee development interview.

Out of Office:

Private appointments, courses, traveling, working from home.

Activities that affect salary:

Day off at own expense, traveling days, on-call duty.

Setup or administrate custom registration types

Click: Setup Admin -> Modules -> Custom registration types

Setup the name title of the custom registration type (Example: Day off at own expense)

  1. Mark if the registration should be approved by a manager.

  2. Should the registration type be available for every employee group or a specific employee group?
    Example: Country, full-time employees, hourly employees

  3. Should the registration be counted in day or time?

  4. Should the registration be transferred to a payroll system?
    If YES mark the "Add to payroll export" box and insert the payroll ID-number
    Read more about payroll export here!

  5. Which absence-status should be connected to the registration?
    At the office, working elsewhere, absent.

    Get improved planning and overview by choosing a color for the registration type.

Click Save

custom registration

Add notes to the registration

If necessary, create a note for the registration that is shared in the Team calendar. Unmark the "Show note" if it should not be shared with the rest of the company.

Registration time unit

When the custom registration type is created, choose if the registration should be count in hours or days. The chosen time unit matches the time registration method that the employees use.

When "Hours" is chosen:

custom registration

When "Days" is chosen:

custom registration

Employee access to custom registration types

Mark the employee master data card if the employee should gain access to register the custom registration type.

Check if the default settings for application access. New employees might get access automatically to the module. Read more here!

custom registration
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