Floating Holidays

How to add floating holidays to your vacation plan

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Floating Holidays

A company leave & absence plan/package will often consist of more elements:

This article describes how to add floating holidays to a leave & absence plan.

What is floating holidays?

A floating holiday works in the same way as vacation.

Most companies have paid time off on official public holidays that are offered as part of the leave & absence package.

Public holidays like for example:

  • Christmas

  • Labor day (1th of may)

  • New years day

  • National celebrations like for example; 4th of July, constitution day, etc.

Where public holidays are fixed on specific dates, Floating holidays are requested by the employees on their own selected dates.

Floating holidays are a way to let employees select holidays that match for example their religious believes.

Hence, some fixed public holidays are removed from the leave & absence package and converted to a number of floating holidays.

Floating holidays setup guide

Floating holidays are added to the relevant policies.

Click: Setup Admin > Modules > Policies > click Edit next to policy

  • Most importantly! change the default label to Floating holiday.

  • Add the number of Floating holidays days available per year or month.

  • Select the earning period and rule for earning floating holidays.

  • Please note. When you change the label to Floating vacation. This will change "Other vacation" to Floating vacation. But in the back office (Payroll Admin role) the name other vacation is still used.

5. How the setup will look for your employees when "Other vacation" is converted to Floating vacation

Employee statistics on the web-portal, mobile app and Outlook app:

πŸ’ An employee can only register the amount of floating holidays that are earned.

The registration will be blocked if employee request more days than earned:


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