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Post-registrations and follow-up

Need to register or change registrations on the behalf of an employee or follow up on an employee's vacation statistics and history?

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It is registrations in the employee's calendar that primarily control balances and salary payments!


  • An employee cannot delete or create vacation and sick days back in time.

  • An employee cannot book a sick period back or forth in time.

  • An employee can create working hours and mileage back and forth in time.

Payroll administrator (and the approver) can make registrations on behalf on an employee. When a change is created, the employee automatically receives a notification via e-mail regarding the changes created, including who made the changes.

πŸ’ The payroll administrator is the only one who can delete registrations that have been payroll processed. If a payroll-processed time entry has been deleted, the payroll admin will be notified about the changes during the next payroll export.

Procedure for creating registrations on behalf of employee:

  1. Payroll administrator: Click Payroll admin > Employees > Calendar access
    Approver: Click Approve & register > Employee calendars

  2. Select the employee in the dropdown on the upper left side

  3. To create a registration, click on the desired date in the calendar, or click Add event.

after registration

4. Create the registration: Choose the type of registration and the period (from/to).

sick registration

4. The employee calendar has now been updated with the new registration.

sick registration

πŸ’ The employee is automatically notified of the changes via email, including who created the registration.

πŸ’ A registration created by the Payroll Administrator is automatically approved. It is not sent for approval.

ℹ️ If the registration is for a closed payroll period and must be updated for the payroll system, the registration will automatically be included in the next payroll process if you follow the best practice instructions on how to update the payroll system - READ MORE HERE!

Approve a registration so it is included in the payroll process

Registrations awaiting approval will not be included in the export to your payroll system. The payroll administrator can therefore approve registrations for an approver/manager if necessary.

Note that if best practice for payroll system export is followed, a registration that needs approval will automatically be included in a later payroll process when the registration is approved - READ MORE HERE!

  • Registrations awaiting for approval are red in the employee's calendar.

  • Click on registration to approve it.

  • The employee is automatically notified when you approve a registration. If you write a personal message, the employee will also receive the message.

overtime registration

Follow-up on employees' vacation statistics - see history of remaining vacation transferred and manual adjustments to vacation balance.

Payroll administrator (and the approver )get's an overview of the employees' vacation statistics for the last 3 vacation years via the calendar access, including manual adjustments and remaining vacation transferred to current vacation year.

Procedure for both the payroll administrator and the approver

  1. Payroll administrator: Click Payroll admin > Employees > Calendar access
    ​Approver: Click Approve & register > Employee calendars

  2. Select the employee in the dropdown on the upper left side

  3. Select "See history" under Vacation

3. Select "Previous year" to view vacation statistics for previous vacation years

The example below illustrates that the employee has got 3.64 remaining vacation days transferred from previous vacation year:

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