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Add your payroll system and update salary parts directly without manual handling

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BitaBIZ can be integrated with all payroll systems "out of the box".

All BitaBIZ events can be updated to your payroll system (Vacation, Sick leave, Child sick, overtime, time off, work hours plus more). Simply mark that the event type should be included in the payroll export and enter the correct salary part code / hour rate when adding your payroll system.

If your company has multiple payroll systems, for example in multiple countries, each country's payroll system can be added and integrated. There are no restrictions.

Get started by clicking: Payroll admin > Export > Export with period management

Select your payroll system form the "select report" list

Click "Setup"

a) Select the event types you wish to include in the export to your payroll system.

b) Insert salary part code / hour rate for the event types that should be updated to your payroll system.


>> Hour rates /salary part codes for time registrations, overtime for payment or hour bank, leave types and custom registration types are added on the respective job codes created.


Click: Setup admin > Modules > Overtime & time off

Insert salary part code to a job code, For example to hour bank or for payment.


Click: Setup admin > Modules >Z Plicies > click Edit next to policy > Leave

Add salary part codes to your leave types

Time Registrations

Click: Setup admin > Modules > Job codes

Add salary part code to a job code.

Custom registration types

Click: Setup admin > Modules > Custom registration types

Add salary part code to a job code.


Do your payroll system divide absence and salary parts into 2 payroll files?

If yes, you should add the 2 payroll export files to icnclude absence and salary parts respectively. Examples of payroll systems that have this division are Visma and Lessor.

Should days of absence be exported/updated as hours to your payroll system?

If yes, standard hours per day should be added to your policies or added to the individual employee's master data card.

Do you manage multiple companies on the same payroll system account?

BitaBIZ supports that you manage multiple companies on the same payyroll sststem account.

This is handled via your created policies in BitaBIZ

Here you insert the company's id, eg. company registration number, on the policy via Enterprise settings > Company ID:

It is therefore important that you have divided your employees into policies in BitaBIZ, which share the same company.

Need help with the setup?

contact us via the online support. We know of most payroll systems!

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