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I need to invite an external partner to our BitaBIZ account.

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How to invite external partners to your BitaBIZ account

Click: Setup Admin -> Company -> External admins

  1. Add the e-mail address of the external admin

  2. Click: Invite
    โ€‹ An e-mail invite is sent to the e-mail address with instructions on how to login

  3. The external Admin is added to the list of external people with access to your BitaBIZ account

  4. Remove access again by clicking "Remove access"

About external admins:

  • they are not visible as users on the employee platform

  • they are not added to your BitaBIZ employee list

  • they are not added to the Team calendar and People list

  • they only get Setup Admin and Payroll Admin rights

  • external admin users are free of charge

How does our external admin login to our BitaBIZ account?

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