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Sick leave - sick days & sick periods
Sick leave - sick days & sick periods

Number of sick days and sick periods per employee, department and company

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Sick leave - sick days & sick periods

Click HR Statistics -> Reports -> click: Download repport "Sick leave - sick periods"

About the report

  • Visual overview of sick leave per department

  • Overview of sick leave per month during the calendar year

  • Quick overview of number of sick leave days per employee in a selected period

  • Analysis of sick leave periods per employee

  • Average number of sick days per sick leave period

Dimensions that can be filtered by





Sick days



Child sick days


Comments on the report

  • If a sick leave period spanns over a weekend or a public holiday, it is still counted as one period. The rule is, if Friday and the following Monday is sick leave days, then the days are counted as one sick leave period. The same applies if sick days are registered on each side of a public holiday.

  • Sick leave registered on public holidays and in weekends do not count in the total number of sick days.

  • Sick leave and child sick are counted seperately. If there is registered Sick leave on a Monday and a child sick leave on Tuesday, this will count as 2 sick leave periods, when both registration types are selected in the report.

This report is a preconfigured report. The report is updated automatically with real time data.

To activate the report, insert your BitaBIZ API key into the report.


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