Excel API reports

Click: HR Statistics -> Reports

(This is where the report library is located)

How to get the pre-configured Excel reports in real-time data?

  1. Copy your API key.

  2. Download the chosen Excel report.

3. Open the downloaded Excel report.
1. Insert the API key to the API key box
2. Click the update button.


When you click "Update" Excel will post the message below.
Click "Ignore" and then "Save".

Don't have access to the API key?

  1. You need an HR Statistics role to access the report library.

  2. You need to activate the API key from the Setup Admin role.

It is required that the API key is activated.

Click: Setup Admin -> Company -> Subscription plan -> Statistics & Reports:

When the API key is activated the key is available from:

HR Statistics -> "Report library".

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