Report type

  • Excel

Report key performance indicators

  • Number of sick days
  • Number of sick periods
  • Number of days per sick period

Time dimensions

  • Year
  • Month

Company dimensions

  • Employee
  • Department
  • Company

About this report

  • A sick period is a sequence of sick days. If a sick period is "broken" by a weekend or holiday, it is still one period. The rule is that if Friday and the subsequent Monday are sick days they are counted as one period.
  • Sick days registered on bank holidays and in weekends does not count in number of sick days
  • Sick periods for Sick and Child sick registrations are counted separately. If a Sick day is registered Monday and a Child sick day is registered Tuesday the following day, this will count as 2 sick periods, when both registration types are selected in the report view.

How to get your BitaBIZ data updated to this pre-configured report automatically?

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