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Work hours - without hour bank
Edit today's standard work hours if deviation: hours
Edit today's standard work hours if deviation: hours

My working hours are created automatically. I can edit my work hours if needed.

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Update today's standard work hours if deviation

My daily working hours are automatically created on working days at 9:00 O´clock.

I can update the working hours if needed.

Working hours are not created on holidays or days booked with leave & absence:

  • sick day, child sick

  • vacation, time-off

  • other absence (leave types, etc.)

  • official holidays, weekends, days off

💁 If you book a sick day or sick period before 9 O´clock, your working hours are not created that day.

💁 If you book a sick day after 9 O´clock (where your working hours are automatically created), the working hours must be deleted because absence and working hours cannot overlap each other!

Open your mobile app, Outlook app or the web-portal

I would like to change my working hours today!

Click: Update today's time

The shortcut on your app start page opens your work hours today.

Change the Hours of your work hours today

Need to edit a time registration back in time?

Click on a registration in your calendar to edit it

💁 When you edit a time registration, it is shown on the registration when you changed it. If approver flow is connected, the registration is sent for approval again.

My calendar

Overview of your working hours

From your calendar on the web portal, you get a complete overview of your working hours.

Click on a registration in your calendar to open it.

💁 Depending on your company settings:

  • The color red indicates that your registrations are awaiting approval.

  • Display of weekly, monthly and yearly statistics.

My registrations

Export your work hours to Excel.

From the web portal:

  1. Click: "My registrations"

  2. Select period: (from/to)

  3. Select type: "Time registration"

  4. Click "Show results"

Your Time registrations incl. the SUM of your hours for the selected period are shown. Click on the Excel button to export your hours:

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