Create project job codes

Time registration on projects and activities

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Create project job codes

How to setup time registration on projects and activities!

Create project job codes:

Click: Setup Admin -> Modules -> Job codes

  1. Create project job codes that clearly communicate to the employees when to use the job codes:
    ​Project A

    Project B
    Project C

    Activity 1

    Activity 2

    Activity 3

  2. Prevent employees from registering on a job code that does not apply to them by targeting job codes to the department to which they apply.

  3. Add a project number in the ID-number field if required.

How it works...

The employee selects a job code to register time on

πŸ’ The last selected job code is remembered until the next time. If there are many job codes there is a search function.

Time is added to the selected job code via the time registration method activated to the users policy

πŸ’ 3 time registration methods are supported for job codes. Start & end time, only hours and check in/out.

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