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Provisioning - Synchronize users with BitaBIZ on demand
Provisioning - Synchronize users with BitaBIZ on demand

How to make a forced restart of user provisioning from Microsoft Entra ID to your BitaBIZ account.

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How to restart provisioning or make a provision on demand

In the Azure portal, on the left navigation panel, click the Microsoft Entra ID icon

Select Enterprise applications from the Manage section.

In the search box, type BitaBIZ (or the name of your BitaBIZ enterprise application) and select the application from the result panel.

Select Provisioning from the Manage section

  1. Click Restart provisioning to synchronize all users assigned to the BitaBIZ enterprise application on your Microsoft Entra ID with your BitaBIZ account.

  2. Click Provision on demand to synchronize one or more specific users or groups with your BitaBIZ account.

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