Updates to the Team Calendar

💁 This update is relevant for all customers!

Highlights regarding this update to the Team calendar:

  • 3 month planning overview added:

  • option to display birthdays and anniversaries:

  • option to display official working hours and fixed breaks:

  • option to make the reason for absence anonymous:

You will find the new setting options here:

Setup Admin -> Company:

On the "Global Settings" page scroll to the "Team Calendar" section

📑 To read the official Team Calendar setup guide. Click here!

The search icons in the Team Calendar have been updated

The search icons have been updated with a presence-status colour code that is linked to the various registrations in the calendar that have the same corresponding colour codes:

Out of Office:

Working elsewhere:

At work/ roster:

Example 1 of the Team calendar

The calendar shows:

  • daily standard working hours and fixed breaks

  • registration names (vacation, Day off, sick, etc.)

  • birthdays

Example 2 of the Team calendar

The calendar shows:

  • daily standard working hours and fixed breaks

  • anonymized registration names (out of office, working elsewhere, At work)

  • birthdays

Approvers Team Calender

💁 In the approvers Team Calendar, all registrations are shown in the timeline. Both absence, own registration types and time registrations.

🆕 Showing time registrations and overtime registrations in the timeline is new!

2 exampels below...

Employee 1:

  • A roster event is booked.

  • 🆕 time registrations are shown in the timeline.

Employee 2:

  • official normal working hours and breaks are shown.

  • time off during normal working hours is shown.

  • 🆕 overtime registered after the end of normal working hours is shown.

When selecting the 3-month overview in the Team calendar

The registration types are recognized by:

  1. The presence-status code that is linked via the search filter to the calendar's registrations (Out of Office, working elsewhere, at work/on duty)

  2. The official colour code of the registration type itself
    (Dark green = time off, light green = vacation, yellow = time registration, etc)

  3. Mouse-over shows the name of the registration type
    (Sick day, vacation, other vacation, time off, etc.)

As always, we welcome feedback and suggestions for future updates 😃

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