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Pay out of your hour bank
Request pay out of your hour bank balance
Request pay out of your hour bank balance

Payout of hour bank balance and other vacation balance

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Payout of balances

Access to applying for payout of balances is determined by your company's BitaBIZ settings.

Applying for payout of a balance is possible from the web portal, mobile and Outlook app:

  1. Click "Payout" below the balance you wish to be paid:

  2. Enter the number of days/hours you wish to be paid:

    BitaBIZ shows the maximum available number of days/hours you can apply to be paid

    ℹ️ You cannot apply to be paid for more days/hours than available

Your payout request is sent to your manager for approval. The payout request is saved in your calendar on todays date.

When your payout request has been approved and paid, it is shown on the registration in your calendar:

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