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Other vacation (yearly earning)
Other vacation (yearly earning)

I earn other vacation days per year

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From your mobile app, Outlook app, or the web-portal, click "Add event"

  1. Choose Other vacation from the main menu.

  2. Select your period (From/to)

  3. BitaBIZ shows how many days or hours you have earned (available with pay).

  4. If you have not earned enough days or hours, the other vacation request will be rejected with information about the number of days/hours you have not earned yet.

Registration and statistics in DAYS:

Registration and statistics in HOURS:

  • It is possible to book other vacation in future vacation years.

  • Other vacation booked in feature vacation years will be deducted the statistics counter for that year.

Your other vacation statistics

Click on the arrow to navigate the statistical counter to the next vacation period:

Other vacation not spent

  • Remaining other vacation days setup for being automatically transferred to the next period will first be avaiable to spend after the new period has started.

  • Remaining other vacation days setup to be deleted must be spend before the start of a new period in which they are deleted


Please refer to your company's other vacation policy to find out which of the two apply for you.

Exception to this guide

If you earn other vacation, where the date of employment determines earning the following year, other vacation cannot be booked in future periods.

Your booking will be rejected with this message:

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