How to renew the Single sign-on certificate:

  • In the Azure portal, navigate to your BitaBIZ Enterprise application.

  • In the application's left-hand navigation menu, select Single sign-on.

  • In the SAML Signing Certificate section, click Edit:

  • Click + New Certificate, choose an Expiration date of up to 3 years, and then click Save.

  • Click the more options (three dots) icon to the right of the newly created certificate, and select Make certificate active. This will roll over your existing certificate into the newly created certificate.

  • Download the new certificate (Base64)

  • Copy the text including the BEGIN CERTIFICATE and END CERTIFICATE section and paste it into the SSO configuration in BitaBIZ via Setup admin -> Integration -> Microsoft Azure AD SSO:

  • Finally click Save Azure SSO

The new certificate is now activated in BitaBIZ!

Note: Rolling over the certificate in Azure AD and configuring it in BitaBIZ involves some downtime, where users will be unable to login to their BitaBIZ account. Please take this into account when performing the above steps.

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