Custom registration types report

Click: HR Statistics -> Custom registration types

About the report

  • Overview of total registered time on custom registration types for a selected period
    ( Work from home, Private appointment, Seminar, Business trip, Evening shift, Weekend shift + more)

  • See employees' time registered on a specific type in a selected period.

How to use the report

1. Select From and To date for your selected period.

2. Select Select all to see the total time registered on your custom registration types in the selected period.

3. Select a specific type, e.g. "Work from home" to see employees time registered on this type.

Dimensions that can be filtered by




Date - From/To period

Custom registation types (Work from home, Private appointment, Seminar, Evening shift, Weekend shift + more)


Comments on the report

  • Only approved registration is counted in the report

  • The registration unit is displayed either in days or hours, depending on the registration unit created on the individual type.

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