Remaining vacation report

Click: HR Statistics -> Vacation

About the report

  • Overview of the employees' remaining vacation days at the end of a selected month.

How to use the report

  1. Select Country/vacation year. This will list employees who are connected with the selected country/vacation year.

  2. Select To date. This will calculate the employee's remaining vacation days per the end of the selected month.

  3. Remaining vacation = earned vacation days minus spent vacation days in the selected period.

ℹ️ Does your company have earning of vacation days at the end of the month? When vacation days are earned at the end of the month, they will first be added on the 1. day the following month. Ie. days earned at the end of a month are not included in the selected end month in the report.

Dimensions that can be filtered by




Active vacation year





Comments on the report

  • Vacation earned includes remaining vacation days transferred from previous vacation year and any manual adjustments made to the employees' vacation balance.

  • For vacation days earned at the end of the month, earned days in the month for the selected end date are not included. I.e. if January 31. is selected as end date, earned vacation days in January are not counted as "Vacation earned" in the report.

  • Only approved vacation days are counted in the report

  • If employee has registered advance vacation, the advance vacation days counts as vacation used in the report

  • If employee has spent more vacation days than earned in the selected period, the remaining vacation balance will be zero. Note: a negative remaining vacation balance will not be displayed.

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