Need to process remaining vacation days?

Click: Payroll Admin -> Employees -> Vacation left transfer

When the vacation year changes, the remaining vacation days are sent for processing on the "Vacation left transfer" page

If there are remaining vacation days that need to be handled, this is shown on the tab menu:

When you click on the tab menu, you get an overview of your employees' remaining vacation:

The example above shows you can choose between two methods when handling employees remaining vacation:

1. You can adjust the remaining vacation days manually per employee - Click on the "Adjust" button next to each of your employees and:

A) Delete/Reset the remaining vacation days

B) Transfer all or some of the remaining vacation days

adjust remaining vacation

2. You can select all your employees and handle the remaining vacation days for all employees in one process:

A) Transfer all remaining vacation days without deciding how many days the individual employee has left


B) Transfer remaining vacation days for all employees but with a MAX number of remaining vacation days that can be transfered.

For example, transfer a maximum of 5 days (if an employee has 10 remaining days, only 5 days are transferred. If an employee has 2 remaining days, only 2 days are transferred)

adjusting vacation balance

Remaining vacation days that are transferred are added to the employee's starting balance for the new vacation year.

Transferred remaining vacation days are registered on the "Adjust balance page". The log shows; the number of days transferred, when the remaining days were transferred, and by whom.

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