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Reduce a balance via pay out

Pay out a balance (vacation, hour bank, day bank)

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Reduce a balance via pay out

Click: Payroll admin -> Employees -> Calendar access

All 4 BitaBIZ balances (vacation, other vacation, hour bank, day bank) can be reduced via salary pay out.

1) Click "Pay out" to reduce a selected balance via pay out

2) Select the date from where the reduction/pay out is valid from

3) Select the number of days / hours the balance is to be reduced by

4) If relevant, create a note that will be saved with the balance pay out

5) A balance pay out is saved in the employee's calendar and is valid from the month the write-down is created to:

6) Click on the balance pay out saved in the employee's calendar for more information or click "See history":

πŸ’ A balance pay out is reset by clicking on the pay out in the employee's calendar. When it is deleted, the payment / write-down of the balance is removed.

When a balance is reduced via pay out:

  • A pay out reduce the balance from the month in which it was created

  • "See history" show pay outs as a minus entry. The pay out therefore reduce the balance of remaining days / hours

  • The pay out is saved in the employee's calendar. Hence, both employee and manager can click on the registration and see that the balance is reduced via a salary payment

  • The pay out can be linked to the payroll file. Hence, the pay out process can be automated

  • When a balance pay out is payroll procesed the calendar entry is archived and locked as payroll processed

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