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Export reports to Excel

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All time registrations created in BitaBIZ can be exported to an Excel report.

Click: Payroll Admin -> Export -> Create report

About the report

  • Create your own custom made report with the registration types you want.

How to use the report

  1. Choose your period

  2. Add the time registration types to reports:
    - Working hours
    - Sick days
    - Vacation
    - Overtime
    - Mileage
    - Time registrations (Payroll hours, project hours, etc.)

  3. Click "Show results" and click the "Excel" button in the right corner to create the report.

Filter dimensions:




Periods (From - to)

Absences (Vacation, sick, etc.)




Overtime (Jobcodes with earning factors)


Own event types

Time registrations

Flextime (Work hours)

Leave types


Comments on the report

  • Important: This report cannot be used for your payroll export. If you need to process your payroll, use the page "Payroll export with period management".

  • Only approved registrations are included in the report

  • Notes/ free text added to registrations will be displayed in the report. Except for vacation and sick leave. Notes added to sick leave registrations are not saved in the BitaBIZ database.

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