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Hour bank - Flextime
Flex time (check in / out of daily working hours)
Flex time (check in / out of daily working hours)

Time registration of working hours that daily updates a Timebank

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Check in & out of daily working hours that update your Hour bank

I have to check in my daily working hours when I start work and out when I stop my work. The registered working hours update my hour bank balance daily with PLUS or MINUS time.

From your mobile app:

Click Check in when your work starts

(the green button on your start page)

Click Check out when your work stops

(the yellow button on your start page)

From your Outlook app or web portal:

Click: Check in (the green button on your start page)

BitaBIZ suggests current time as start time.

click: Check in.

Click on the yellow menu to stop your working hours

BitaBIZ psuggests current time as end time.

If you agree click: Check out.

Overview of your daily working hours:

  1. Your working time schedule

  2. Your registered working hours / vacation / sick days / time off

  3. Your standard work hours per day

  4. The daily change to your hour bank

  • It is your working hours that daily update your Hour bank balance with PLUS or MINUS time.

  • Vacation, public holidays, leave and sick leave are neutral.

  • If your working hours include your own paid breaks, the breaks are automatically deducted from your gross time.

Hour bank balance

Your accumulated hour bank balance shows the number of hours earned you can use for time off.

When you take an entire working day off, the day's standard work hours are deducted from your hour bank.

How do I request to take my earned time off? READ MORE HERE!

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