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Work hours - with hour bank
Daily check in / out of work hours (flexitime)
Daily check in / out of work hours (flexitime)

Flexitime: Work hours that updates an hour bank

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Check in & out of daily working hours that update your Hour bank

I have to check in when I start my work day and check out when I stop my work.

The registered working hours update my hour bank balance daily with PLUS or MINUS hours.

Open your mobile app, Outlook app or the web-portal

Check in

Click: Check in

BitaBIZ suggests the current time as the start time.

You can edit the start time, if necessary.

Click: "Check in".

πŸ’ The date can be changed if you need to create a registration back in time.

Check out

Click: Check out

BitaBIZ suggests the current time as the end time.

You can edit the end time, if necessary.

Click: "Check out".

πŸ’ πŸ†• The balance box shows how your work hour registration(s) affect your hour bank balance.

πŸ†• Need a reminder ?

Push notification

If you forget to register your work hours you get a friendly reminder the following day.

Live feed

When you Check in a counter starts on your mobile start page. Click to check out.

Request time-off, Overtime or pay out of balance

Request Time off of earned hours

Click: Overtime/ Time off -> Time off

ℹ️ It is not possible to have Time-off and Work hour registrations on the same day. You have to select one of them.

πŸ’ The balance box shows the amount of hours your hour bank is credited with.

Request Time off of hours not earned

πŸ’ The balance box (the yellow box) shows if you request more Time off hours than earned in the hour bank.

Overtime job codes

ℹ️ Access to overtime job codes depend on settings.

πŸ’ Overtime job codes are used if you need to register work hours when 1 hour registered earn for example 2 hours in the hour bank (1:2). For example work during public holidays.

Request pay out

ℹ️ Access to pay out of balance depend on settings.

Team calendar

While you are checked in. Your "available" status is shared in the team calendar.

When you check out it is removed again.

Work hours

In addition to your annual calendar.

See how your Hour Bank is updated per day based on your registrations vs. your standard work hours:

check-in schedule

Export your work hours to Excel

From the web portal:

  1. Click: "My registrations"

  2. Select period: (from/to)

  3. Select type: "Work hours"

  4. Click "Show results"

Your Work hours incl. The SUM of your hours for the selected period are shown. Click on the Excel button to export your hours:

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