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Vacation request - Yearly earned
Vacation request - Yearly earned

I get my vacation days at the beginning of a new vacation year

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Request vacation for employees who earn vacation days on a yearly basis

From your mobile app, Outlook app, or the web-portal click "Add event":

  1. Select vacation in the main menu

  2. Select period (from/to)

Click "Save"

vacation registration


Your vacation statistics shows how many days you have already booked and how many vacation days you have left in the vacation year.

Approved: Is the vacation days that you have already booked / requested, that have been approved by your manager.

Vacation left: Are the remaining vacation days you have left at your disposal, that can be booked in the current vacation year.

Your total vacation earning in the vacation year = Approved + Vacation left

The statistics above show which vacation year the statistics is counting days for
(For exampel; 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2021).

ℹ️ To navigate your vacation statictical counter to another vacation year (period) click back or forth in your year calender on the web-portal:

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