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Vacation requests - Monthly earned
Vacation requests - Monthly earned

I cannot request more vacation days than earned

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From your mobile app, Outlook app, or the web-portal, click "Add event"

  1. Choose vacation from the main menu.

  2. Select your period (From/to dates)

  3. BitaBIZ shows how many days you have earned (available with pay) at the time you want to apply for your vacation.
    If you have earned enough days you can request the vacation.

  4. If you have not earned enough days, the vacation request will be rejected with information about the number of days you have not earned yet.

Your vacation statistics

The statistics show how many days you have available in a month, compared to how many days you have previously booked in other months during the year. Hence, you can plan and book vacation in the future.

It is the "Available" balance that shows how many paid vacation days you can request in a month:

Your calendar displays a statistics counter that shows the number of vacation days you have held (been approved) and how many days you have left in the current vacation year with pay (Vacation left).

The statistics show which vacation year (vacation period) it is valid for / counts days for.

To see the statistics for other vacation years (vacation period) click forward or back in time in your year calendar:

ℹ️ Note! The annual statistics counter does not show when you can dispose of your remaining vacation days. For this information use the "Available" statistics in your calendar.

Vacation left

ℹ️ The flag with VACATION LEFT shows the number of vacation days left at the end of the vacation year that has not been allocated / booked yet. Remaining vacation days can be held / booked until 31/12.

Vacation days registered in the period 1/9 - 31/12 are shown in the calendar as either new earned days or vacation left from the vacation year ending 31/8.

  • in the calendar below, the employee has 10 remaining vacation days left as of 31/8.

  • 5 remaining holiday days are booked in the new holiday year starting 1/9. These days are automatically marked as "Vacation left". And the employee's remaining vacation balance as of 31/8 has been written down to 5 remaining vacation days.

  • only when the employee's remaining vacation days per 31/8 is 0 does the employee start using the new earned vacation days.

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