Requesting vacation with monthly earnings (concurrent vacation)

From your mobile app, Outlook app, or the web-portal, click "Add event"

  1. Choose a vacation from the main menu.

  2. Select your period (From/to dates)

  3. BitaBIZ shows how many days you have earned (available with pay) at the time you want to apply for your vacation.
    If you have earned enough days in the month you want to request a vacation, you can request for vacation.

  4. If you have not earned enough days in that month, the vacation request will be rejected with information about the number of days you need to earn.

vacation request

Your vacation statistics

The statistics show how many days you have available in a month, compared to how many days you have previously booked in other months during the year.

It is the "Available" balance that shows how many paid vacation days you can request in a month:

vacation statistics

Requesting vacation on a future date

Do you want to plan and apply for your summer vacation in advance?

No problem!

You can dispose of future vacations from the time they are earned in the vacation year.

The example below shows that in September 2020, a request is made for 10 vacation days in July 2021. BitaBIZ shows that it is OK because at that time the 10 days are earned.

future vacation request
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