Vacation request for employees who earn vacation days on a monthly basis

From your mobile app, Outlook app, or the web-portal click "Add event":

  1. Select vacation in the main menu
  2. Select period (from/to)
  3. BitaBIZ shows how many vacation days you have available at the time you want to request for your vacation. If the requested days are not earned yet BitaBIZ will show this.

    (If you are allowed to request vacation days not earned yet - see more information regarding this in the bottom of this article).

Click Save

vacation registration


1. When you create a vacation request

When you create a vacation request, BitaBIZ shows how many days you have earned at the time you want to book the vacation in your registration window.

2. Monthly statistics

Your annual calendar shows the current earnings of vacation per month.

The statistics show how many days you have left in a month, compared to how many days you have previously booked in other months during the year.

The example below, 2.08 vacation days, has been earned in October and 1 day has been spent in October. Hence 1.08 days are left in October.

In November, 4.17 days are earned, but due to the 1.00 vacation days requested in October, the balance shows 3.17 days left in November due to the 4.17 days that have been earned

vacation request

3. Annual statistics

The annual statistics show how many days you:

  • Can be requested during the vacation year
  • How many days you have already requested of (approved for holding)

Note the annual statistics show the total earnings you have collected for the whole year.

It is the monthly statistics that show when in the year you have earned vacation days.

vacation counter


If 4 vacation days are booked in December, there are 1.25 days left to request up to and including December:

holiday request

The statistics now displays:

  1. 4.00 vacation days booked in December
  2. 1.25 vacation days are left in December
  3. 1.25 vacation days are left in November
vacation request

Request vacation in the future

Do you want to plan and request a vacation well in advance?

No problem!

You can request to use vacation days earned in the future.

The example below. September 2020, a request regarding 10 vacation days in July 2021 is booked. BitaBIZ shows that it is OK because at that point of time the 10 days have been earned:

If you request more days than earned, the registration will be blocked with information about the number of days not earned yet:

vacation request blocked

If you are allowed to borrow vacation days that have not been earned yet, the registration will not be blocked:

vacation request granted

The example above shows an employee that is allowed to borrow 5 vacation days that have not been earned.

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