Organizational KPI's report

Head count, employee turnover, hires and terminations + more

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Organizational KPI's

Click: HR Statistics -> Reports -> Click: Download report "Organizational KPI's"

About the report

  • Overview of the development in the number of employees

  • Overview of hires and terminations

  • Overview of age distribution and seniority

  • Overview of the number of new employees employed less than 1 year "Bad hires"

  • Employee turnover

Dimensions that can be filtered by





Employment date



Termination date

Country / group company



Job title

Comments on the report

  • Hires < 1 Year = count contracts terminated before one your of employment

  • Hires = new users added with an employment date to your BitaBIZ account

  • Terminated = employees made inactive on your BitaBIZ account with a termination date.

This report is a pre-configured report. The report is automatically updated with real-time data from your BitaBIZ account

To activate the report, your BitaBIZ API key must be inserted in the report:

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