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Local payroll administration in a global organization
Local payroll administration in a global organization

How to set up local payroll administration access for companies with several group companies on one BitaBIZ account.

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Dedicated payroll admin access to group companies

This article describe how to setup dedicated payroll admin access to individual group companies.

How to set up payroll administration in a company group with local administration centers

BitaBIZ uses the following 2 tags to allocate your employees and policies to a legal entity:

  • Country/region

  • Group company

Both tags can be used or just one of the tags. It depends on the complexity of your enterprise.

πŸ’ To make this work you need to tag both employees and their policies with the same tag(s). By doing this employees can be linked to the BitaBIZ role "Local payroll admin".

When you create a tag on an employee or a policy, this tag will be added to the local payroll admin role.

Can we automate the required setup?

It is not possible to make a complete automation of the required local payroll setup.

The following master data need to be manually managed:

  • Group company tag on employee
    ​(When onboarding new employees or employees change company inside the organization, the group company tag, if in use, need to be updated)

  • Tags on policies
    ​(When a new policy is created, it needs to be tagged)

πŸ’ This article describes how to automate the rest of the user management process. Click here!

How to setup local payroll administration...

Tag your policies

Tag your policies with either a country/region tag or a group company tag or both!

πŸ’ When you create a tag, it can then be selected for the local payroll admin role as a filter for managing access.

Tag your employees

Tag your employees with either country/region tag or a group company tag or both!

This is done from the employees master data card.

πŸ’ Keep in mind that the tags used on the employee profile must match the same tags used on the employees policy.

If there is not a 100% match the local payroll admin role will not gain access to either the employee or the policy.

When you have tagged employees and policies with the same tag(s).

Then you have created the local payroll admin setup!

⬇️ You are now ready to setup the local payroll admin(s) in your organization.

How to setup local payroll admin(s)

The tags you have created, as decried above, are automatically added to the local payroll admin role.

Open the user profile on an employee that should be assigned the local payroll admin role.

Select which employees the local admin should have access to by selecting one or more tags created:

πŸ’ In the example above, the local payroll admin will gain access to employees in CompanyY and CompanyX but only in Germany.

Employees with Local payroll admin role are displayed with a yellow payroll admin icon in the global employee list under Setup admin > Employees:

Example: what happens if tags do not match

Employee policy tags:

πŸ’ Note that group company tag is NOT tagged on policy.

Employee tags:

πŸ’ Note that both country and group company is tagged.

Local payroll admin tags:

πŸ’ Note that local admin are tagged with both country and group company

Result of tags not matching:

  • The local payroll admin has access to the employee.

  • The local payroll admin does not have access to the employee's policy.

The local payroll admin role

The local payroll admin has limited access to payroll features, when compared to the global payroll admin.

Local payroll admin features are described below:


Access to


Calendar access

Calendar access only to employees that matches the tag filters.

From this page the local admin has the same rights as the global admin. Hence, can create, delete and approve events.

Edit payroll number,etc.

The local payroll admin has access to edit and select:

  • Policies

  • Date of employment

  • Payroll number

Vacation left Balance

Overview of employees vacation left balances.

Vacation left transfer

Handle and transfer vacation left to next vacation year.


Access to


Export with period management

πŸ’ Global payroll admin need to configure the export file used locally.

We recommend the use of the "Excel" export file

Export to payroll system.

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