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How to renew the Client Secret Value for the Exchange integration
How to renew the Client Secret Value for the Exchange integration

Our Client Secret Value for the exchange integration is about to expire and needs to be renewed.

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How to renew the Client Secret Value:

1. In the Azure portal, on the left navigation panel, click the Microsoft Entra ID icon

2. Select App registrations from the Manage section.

3. Do the following steps:

  1. Select All applications,

  2. In the search box, type BitaBIZ (or the name of your BitaBIZ enterprise application)

  3. select the application from result panel.

4. Add a new Client secret:

  1. Select Certificate & secrets from the Manage section

  2. Click the + New client secret button

  3. Type a description for the new client secret ie. "BitaBIZ Exchange integration client secret"

  4. Select the expiring period for the client secret
    💁 We recommend that an expiration period of 24 months is chosen.

  5. click Add

💁 The client secret has now been created!

5. Copy the Client Secret Value text string from the newly created Client secret, which needs to be inserted into your BitaBIZ account next.

💁 It is important that it is the Value that is copied and not the Secret ID

Log in to your BitaBIZ account

Click: Setup admin -> Integration -> Microsoft integrations.

Configure the Exchange integration in BitaBIZ by following these steps:

  1. Copy and paste the Client Secret Value into Client secret (Value)

  2. Click Save Exchange

💁 The Client Secret Value has now been updated to the Exchange integration.

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