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SAML 2.0 single sign-on (SSO)
intro: Onelogin directory integration
intro: Onelogin directory integration

How to set up single sign on and provisioning via Onelogin

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Onelogin provide identity as a Service (IDaaS) to BitaBIZ

BitaBIZ is Onelogin partner & reseller. Via Onelogin BitaBIZ customers: 

  • quickly on- and off-board team members to and from BitaBIZ

  • add single sign-on (SSO) to their BitaBIZ account

  • activate enterprise-level security to their BitaBIZ account

How to set up the integration?

1. Ask BitaBIZ to create your company Onelogin account. 

This account will act as your secure cloud directory. It is Onelogin that is integrated with your AD.

To create the account, BitaBIZ needs the following information:

• Name and e-mail of your Onelogin administrator.
• Desired name of a subdomain for which the Onelogin account will be available, eg.

2. When the account is created and your administrator is invited, Your installation and configuration task are: Installation of Onelogin ADC on your AD server (Active Directory Connector)

3. When you have completed step 2 contact BitaBIZ and we will configure the Onelogin integration to your BitaBIZ account, or we will guide you in the process.

Does Onelogin support our Active Directory?

YES! Onelogin supports any Active Directory setup in your company.

Do we need to create our own Onelogin paid account?

NO! Via Onelogin BitaBIZ provides a secure cloud directory to our customers. A cloud directory integrated with BitaBIZ. 

How do our employee's login?

Your employees will use BitaBIZ login page to login. BitaBIZ redirects to Onelogin that manages AD credentials. Onelogin redirects back to BitaBIZ:

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