When you log into your Onelogin Account for the first time, you should see the page below.

1. Select ”Import Users”.


3. Click ”CHOOSE” under Active Directory

4. Download and Install AD Connector

A. Name the Directory

B. Download and install the AD Connector.

C. Copy the token and insert during the AD Connector installation

For detailed instructions on AD Connector installation, please click here!

5. Select EU or USA datacenter location

During the installation of the AD Connector, you will be asked to select the data center location that hosts your Onelogin account. If your company is located in the EU, it is important that you select the EU datacenter in order to comply with EU data protection legislation.

6. When users have been imported from your Active Directory to Onelogin secured cloud directory, BitaBIZ will setup the integration between Onelogin and your BitaBIZ account.

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