Suggested steps to follow:

Before terminating a user (making a user inactive):

  1. You may need to adjust the employee vacation balance. For example, if your company policy states that employees must use paid vacation earned before official termination date, make sure to add this vacation to the employee calendar. In this way the vacation days are added to the payroll file and the employee vacation account is closed.
  2. You may need to delete future approved vacation in the employee calendar, which is no longer relevant. Hence, delete approved vacation after the termination date. This is to avoid that future approved vacation for a terminated employee is added to the payroll file after the termination date.

Terminate an employee:

Open the employee profile: Setup admin > Add users > edit user:

We recommend using the function:
"Make user inactive" = historic data is available via export.
If you select "Delete user", all registrations and data is deleted for that user.

  • Click "Make user inactive"
  • Add termination date


After clicking "Make user inactive":

  1. The employee is added to the "Inactive user list".
  2. The e-mail adress is deleted.
  3. The users is removed from the active user list. 

Setup admin > Add users > Show inactive employees. 

>> Login access is removed for inactive users.

The inactive employee is:

  • removed from company & department calendar.
  • removed from People page.
  • removed from HR statistics.
  • removed from Calendar access (Payroll admin & Approver role).
  • removed from Adjust absence balance page.
  • removed from pending approval list. Hence, pending requests are removed.

The page Activity log for employee onboarding & offboarding will show the user as inactive and with the date of termination.

Approved registrations added before inactive status are saved but only available via Payroll and export pages.

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