BitaBIZ Exchange integration offers the following bennefits:

  • In the modern workplace, unified communication plays an important role. Always updated and shared availability status improves productivity.
  • When leave & absence status is automatically shared via Outlook and Teams employees actually register and request via BitaBIZ. Hence, more time registrations are delivered in due time and shared in the organization.
  • When employess request vacation or register a sick day, BitaBIZ can activate Out of Office e-mail replies. Hence, giving your company a total Out of Office management solution that automate all processes related to leave & absence.

How to set-up the unified communication integration?

Get the BitaBIZ enterprise Azure application from Microsoft Azure market place - Click here:

🔗 Follow this guide to install the app on your Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

That is it 👍

When the BitaBIZ Azure app is installed and configured - your employees leave & absence status in BitaBIZ is synchronized to their Outlook and Teams calendar.

Out of Office replies integration

Let BitaBIZ do more for your employees and customers!

1. You have setup the unified communication integration
(Leave & absence status in BitaBIZ is synchronized to the employees Outlook & Teams calendar).

2. When employees request vacation or check out sick let them activate Out of Office replies directly from BitaBIZ.

ℹ️ Activating Out of Office replies to BitaBIZ makes activating Out of Office replies an integrated part of your leave & absence process and as a result out of office replies are more likely to be communicated and shared with customers and external partners.

How to set-up the Out of Office reply integration?

  1. Activate the BitaBIZ Exchange plus service.
  2. Add your organisations defualt Out of Office reply to the integration.
  3. Instruct your employees on how to add personal info to the default company reply. Information like for exampel; "If urgent please contact my manager on this e-mail..."

ℹ️ When you install the BItaBIZ Azure app to setup unified communication in your company. You should consider to add single sign-on to the app. Or, if you already have single sign-on configured. Why not add unified communication to the app!

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