Unified communication to BitaBIZ customers

In the modern workplace, unified communication plays an important role.

Always updated and shared availability status improves productivity.

Via BitaBIZ Exchange integration your communication platform (Outlook, Teams, Skype) is always updated with leave & absence status.

How to set-up the integration?

Click Setup admin  >  Integrations > Microsoft integrations

Follow the 3 steps in this guide:

  1. Select your Exchange server version.
  2. Select a method of integration. We recommend using "impersonation" method
  3. Enter the credentials of the impersonation user and click Activate.

That is it. Your employee's leave & absence status in BitaBIZ is now synchronized to their Outlook calendar.

How do I create the MS Exchange impersonation or delegation user needed to establish the integration? 

Why not integrate BitaBIZ even further to your communication platform - install our Outlook add-in and get access to BitaBIZ from inside Outlook.

BitaBIZ Outlook add-in + Exchange integration is a powerful tool for the modern workplace:

Our Outlook add-in is available from Microsoft app source - click here to get it!


Make a central installation to all your Outlook clients in just a few minutes following this guide!

We will be happy to help you! Contact us on online support and we will guide you to this powerful setup.

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