It is easy to setup data export integration to your Excel or PowerBI client.

All you need to do is to insert your account API URL to your PBI or Excel and data is automatically updated from BitaBIZ to your client.

BitaBIZ have 4 URLs you can add to your Excel or PBI. Maybe you only need to export / update registrations? Then you only need to use the URL for registrations.

If you have a more complexed need you may need to setup more export URLs with relations. To learn more about the 4 Excel/ PowerBI URLs BitaBIZ supports click here!

How to setup the integration 

Follow the steps in the guide below or follow this video.

  1. open your Excel or PowerBI client
  2. Click "Get Data" > Select "Web"

3. Inset your "BitaBIZ URL"
(the URL contains your company API key - keep the URL confidential!)

4. Select "Based on entire dataset" > click "Load"

Your BitaBIZ data is now integrated with your Excel or PowerBI!

If you add more URLs you will need to add relationships between the datasets. 

Start by adding the Employees URL and link it to the Registrations URL.

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