How to make a central deploy of BitaBIZ add-in to all or specific users/groups from Microsoft Office 365 Admin center.

BitaBIZ Outlook add-in enables users to use BitaBIZ from Outlook. Add events, approve events, see the vacation plan and more. 

Outlook versions supported: 

  • Outlook on the Web
  • Outlook 2013+
  • Outlook 2016+
  • Outlook 2016 for Mac 

The add-in is available from OfficeStore in Outlook. Users can activate the app from OfficeStore or your company can make a central deploy of the app to all or specific users/groups via Microsoft Office 365 Admin center.

Microsoft resources available: 

Central deploy to specific users/groups from Office 365 Admin center:

  1. Log into Office 365 Admin center: 
  2. Select Settings > Services & add-ins:

3. Select + Deploy Add-in:

4. Click Next:

5. Select I want to add an Add-in from the Office Store and click Next:

6. Search for BitaBIZ and click Add:

7. Click Next:

8. Select if the Add-in is enabled as default or if the users should not be able to remove it. Then click Next: 

9. Select Specific Users/Groups (Select Everyone to give access to the whole organisation). Search for and add the users and groups who should have access to the add-in (Please note that nested groups are not supported). Then click Save:

10. Wait for the manifest file to be saved:

11. Select Close:

BitaBIZ Outlook add-in is now deployed for the selected users/groups.

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