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Key points regarding Manager / Approver flow managed from Azure
Key points regarding Manager / Approver flow managed from Azure

What happens when manager / approver flow from Azure is activated to your BitaBIZ app?

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When activating Approver flow from Azure to BitaBIZ. The approver flow created on your BitaBIZ account will be 1:1 in sync with your approverflow on Azure. Hence, we disregard groups and departments as the building blogs for creating approver flow.

  1. Employees with the role "Manager" on Azure AD. They get the role "Approver" on BitaBIZ: 

2. Employees will automatically be appointed the AD manager as their approver in BitaBIZ. The AD approver will be shown on the employee profile under Roles > Direct approver:

That is it!

You have options to further expand the approverflow in BitaBIZ when you connect approver flow from Azure AD:

1. Department approvers

You can add department approvers. Someone that is not a manager on your AD can get an approver role for one or more departments on your BitaBIZ account:

  • Open the employee profile that need a manual approver role

  • Click "Roles"

  • Mark "Approver"

  • Mark "Groups / departments" that the user should be approver for

  • Click "Save"


If a user in a department should only be approved by the manager from your Azure AD you have the option to select this. Hence, the department approver added above will not be added as approver for this employee (only the Azure AD manager will handle this employee):

Self approver role

If an employee in your organization should not be assigned an approver to handle requests, but this employee has an Azure AD manager. Then you have the option to make the employee a self approver. Hence, the manager approverflow from your Azure AD will be ignored for this employee.

Select the "Selfapprover" role from the drop-down:

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