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BitaBIZ Outlook add-in for ADFS via Exchange admin center
BitaBIZ Outlook add-in for ADFS via Exchange admin center

Central deploy of ADFS customized BitaBIZ add-in to Outlook clients via Microsoft Exchange admin center

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How to make a central deploy of ADFS enabled BitaBIZ add-in to Outlook clients from Microsoft Exchange admin center.

BitaBIZ Outlook add-in enables users to use BitaBIZ from Outlook. Add events, approve events, see the vacation plan and more.

The ADFS enabled add-in is forwarded via e-mail from BitaBIZ.

  • When your company has an ADFS set-up. Users can not activate the app from OfficeStore because the add-in will need to be custom developed to link to your ADFS login page. THIS is only relevant if your company has activated SSO!

  • When SSO is activated BitaBIZ will need to add the URL of your ADFS to the Outlook add-in!

Central deploy of custom add-in for ADFS from Exchange admin center:

1. Login to your Exchange Admin Center

2. Click: Organisation > add-ins

3. Click the "+" sign and select Add from file

4. Select the add-in manifest forwarded from BitaBIZ and click "Next"

5. The BitaBIZ Outlook add-in is now added to your account but not deployed to the organization. Select the BitaBIZ add-in and click "edit".

6. Select your preferred deployment method and click Save

The BitaBIZ add-in has now been deployed to your organization and will be available in the employees Outlook!

BitaBIZ add-in from Outlook PC client:

BitaBIZ add-in from Outlook web client (OWA):

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