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Calendar access as a cockpit for your balances
Calendar access as a cockpit for your balances

Pay out | increase or reduce a balance | see history of balances

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Updates to Payroll Admin -> Calendar Access

The purpose of this update is to make Payroll Admin's Calendar access into a cockpit that provides the full overview of an employee's balances. This include insight of:

  • earning connected to the balance

  • registrations created by the employee

  • Pay outs

  • manual adjustments

  • remaining days / hours from previous period transferred to new period

In other words - with this update, the Payroll Admin role can use the Calendar Access page to:

  • pay out all or part of a balance

  • manually increase or reduce a balance

  • get a full overview of the movements that affects the balance via the "See history" link.

  • quickly see what policies and earning rules are linked to an employee's balances

πŸ†• See history of all balances from Payroll Admin -> Calendar Access

All 4 BitaBIZ balances that can be linked to an employee profile (vacation, other vacation, hour bank, day bank) now have the "See history" link.

See history shows the movement of a balance during the current active period or a previous period:

-> (+) remaining days / hours from previous period transfered

-> (+) Manual increase of the balance

<- (-) Manual reduction of the balance

<- (-) Pay outs

-> (+) Earnings connected to the balance

<- (-) Approved days / hours registered

= end balance

πŸ†• Reduce a balance via pay out

All 4 BitaBIZ balances (vacation, other vacation, hour bank, day bank) can be reduced via salary pay out.

1) Click "Pay out" to reduce a selected balance via pay out

2) Select the date from where the reduction/pay out is valid from

3) Select the number of days / hours the balance is to be reduced by

4) If relevant, create a note that will be saved with the balance pay out

5) A balance pay out is saved in the employee's calendar:

6) Click on the balance pay out saved in the employee's calendar for more information or click "See history":

πŸ’ When a balance is reduced via pay out:

  • A pay out reduce the balance from the month in which it was created

  • "See history" show pay outs as a minus entry. The pay out therefore reduce the balance of remaining days / hours

  • The pay out is saved in the employee's calendar. Hence, both employee and manager can click on the registration and see that the balance is reduced via a salary payment

  • The pay out can be linked to the payroll file. Hence, the pay out process can be automated

  • When a balance pay out is payroll procesed the calendar entry is archived and locked as payroll processed

7) Connect the pay out of balances to your payroll system export

Click setup (as shown below) next to your payroll system and enter your payroll system code for your pay outs:

πŸ†• Increase or reduce a balance manually via calendar access

Need to manually adjust an employee's balance? Manual balance adjustments can be handled from the employee's calendar via calendar access:

1) Click "Add" or "Reduce" to adjust a balance manually

2) Select the date from which the adjustment should be valid from

3) Save adjustments with a note so that there is documentation of the reason for the manual adjustment:

πŸ’ Manual adjustments of balances from calendar access:

  • are valid from the month they are created in

  • are valid for the vacation period in which they are created / saved in

  • are saved under "See history"
    ​(incl. notes created to the adjustment)

πŸ†• Employee information via calendar access

Can you recognize ... you need to follow up on an employee's balances, but lack an complet overview:

  • which earnings rules are linked to the individual balance?

  • which payroll no. does the employee have?

  • who is the employee's manager / approver?

We have added a link "See employee info":

πŸ†• Add time entries for employees who are checked in

Post-register hours for an employee at the same time as the employee is checked in.

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