Planning: Company-specific fixed day off

Should BitaBIZ be used for central registration of your specific company paid days off.

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Company-specific day off

A company leave & absence plan/package will often consist of more elements:

This article describes how to add Company specific fixed paid day off to a leave & absence plan.

What is company specific fixed paid day off?

Company specific paid fixed paid day off. They are booked on fixed dates to employees calendar and can not be changed by the employees to other dates.

Examples of company-specific paid time off:

  • Special company paid day off

  • Company founder day

  • Company anniversary day

  • Paid time off periods that extend the official public holiday period

Company specific paid day(s) off does not have a balance. Hence, the day(s) are booked to the employees calendar one a yearly basis.

If the paid day(s) off is not fixed on pre selected dates.

Hence, the employees should be able to book a number of company specific paid day(s) off per year.

Please see this alternative article regarding how to use the Day bank for Company specific variable paid time off.

Step 1: Create the paid day off as a registration type

Click: Setup Admin -> Modules -> Custom registration types:

  1. Add the name for the registration type: Christmas Day off, Company specific day, etc.

  2. Select: "Day off" (see section on the meaning of this rule)

  3. Select “days” as unit.

  4. Select status to "Out of office" and pick a color for the registration type shown in Team calendar.

Click Save

ℹ️ Note that all employees get access to the registration type as long as the registration type is active. The task is therefore to:

  • enable the registration type (as shown above)

  • book the employees' calendar via group registration.

  • disable the registration type again.

Step 2: The administrator who create the group registration must have access to "Own registration types" module and be assigned the Payroll admin role

Click: Setup Admin -> Employees > click Edit next to the administrator -> In the section Application access select module access to "Own registration types":

Step 3: Create group registration

Click: Payroll Admin -> Employees -> Group registration -> Add event

  1. Select the employee group to be booked with the day off (if not the entire company is to be booked)

  2. click "Add"

  3. Select the registration type created for the purpose

  4. Select date (from-to)

Click Save

The employees are now booked with the paid day off:

💁 Read more about group registration click here.

Step 4: disable / remove the registration type until the next time it needs to be used

Click: Setup Admin -> Modules > Custom registration types:

Next time the registration type must be used to book your employees, click Activate and the registration type will become active / available again:

The rule: "Day off":

When this rule is selected, the counter for statistics and salary export is disconnected on the "day off" for the following registration types that are booked over/on a "day off"

  • Vacation

  • Sick, Child Sick

  • Other vacation (PTO orFloating holidays)

  • Custom leave types

  • Day bank (minus days)

This means employees can book a vacation period over a booked "Day off", and in the same way as for the weekend, the "Day off" does not count as a vacation day. Same principle for sick days, custom leave types, company specific variable days off, floating vacation.

The example below counts 2 vacation days and 2 sick days, because the 2 registrations cross a booked own custom type with "Day off" rule enabled:

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