Planning: Fixed & variable day off

Create a day off with which an employee can book their calendar

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Should BitaBIZ be used for registration and planning of fixed or variable days off?

The procedure for creating fixed or variable days off is the same.

  • Fixed days off are typically used for employees who have one or more fixed days off per working week and who must therefore have their calendar booked with the days off.

  • Variable days off are typically used for employees with weekend shifts and who must therefore take their weekend day off (Sat or Sun) differently during the working week.

Step 1: create the day off as a registration type

Click: Setup Admin -> Modules -> Custom registration types:

  1. Enter the name for the registration type: Day off, Fixed day off, Variable day off

  2. Select: "Day off" (see section on the meaning of this rule)

  3. Select unit as: "days"

  4. Select status as: "Out of office"

Click SAVE

TIP: Add your part-time employees with a fixed day off to their own policy. Hereby you achieve:

  • that you can adapt vacation and other vacation earnings to employees with fixed days off.

  • to be able to target the registration type *day off' to staff groups the registration type is relevant for.

Step 2: give employees who have to register day off access to the module Own registration types

Click: Setup Admin -> Open the individual employee's master data card -> Select module access to "Own registration types":

Employees with access to the module Own registration types

  1. Employees get access to registration of day off from the web, Outlook and mobile app.

  2. The employee's calendar will have an extra statistics counter with an overview of the number of days off registered.

    The statistics counter is only displayed for employees with access to Own registration types or who's policy has been targeted the registration type day off:

ℹ️ note that if approval requirements are activated, days awaiting approval will be marked with the color red in the employee's calendar. Only approved registrations count in the employees' statistics.

ℹ️ Manager and Payroll admin get the same overview as employee via their calendar access to the employee's calendar.


Registration logic for own registration types

  • Own registration types can be registered as a recurring event so that one day off per week can be registered for a selected period back and forth in time. Read more here!

  • Multiple Own registration types can be registered where start / end time intersects/overlaps on the same day.

  • Own registration types can be created and deleted back and forth in time.

The rule: "Day off":

When this rule is selected, the counter is switched off for statistics and Payroll exports for the following types of registrations that are booked over / on a day off:

➡️ Vacation, sick, child sick, other vacation, leave types.

Ie. your employees can book a vacation period over a day off and in the same way as for the weekend, the day off does not count as a vacation day taken. Same principle for sick days and other vacation.

The example below counts 2 vacation days and 2 sick days. Because they cross a day off with the rule "Day off" activated:

ℹ️ All other registration types registered on a day off will count in the statistics; time off, overtime, time registration, milage, working hours, etc.

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