Vacation without pay report

Click: Payrollk admin -> Export -> Vacation with and without salary

About the report

  • Overview of employees' unpaid vacation days for a selected payroll period.

How to use the report

  1. Select Country/vacation year. This will include employees connected with the selected country/vacation year in the report.

  2. Select From and To date for the payroll period.

  3. Click Show results

A) Vacation earned: Earned vacation at the selected and date for the selected period ( Includes remaining vacation transferred from previous vacation year and any manual adjustments)

B) Vacation used: Vacation days used prior to the selected period start date.

C) Vacation used: Spent vacation days in the selected period from start date to end date (both days included)

D) Vacation without pay: Vacation days without pay in the selected period. The number of vacation days the employee has spent more than earned in the selected period

Dimensions that can be filtered by




Active vacation year





Comments on the report

  • Only approved vacation days are counted in the report

  • The report is targeted employees who can apply for more vacation days than earned, but with payroll deductions. The report cannot be used for employees who can request advance vacation or can only apply for vaction that have already been earned.

  • The chosen period can be selected for whole months only

  • Is this report used to settle payroll deductions? If so, we recommend that it be used in conjunction with "Export with period management". Vacation days are hereby archived as payroll processed.

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