If the absence status in not synchronized with Outlook please check the following:

1. The password to your BitaBIZ Exchange account has expired or been changed

When the password is changed on your Exchange server, the new password must be updated in BitaBIZ

To change the password on your Exchange account in BitaBIZ click:

Setup admin > Integration > Microsoft Exchange Integration:

When the password has been updated in BitaBIZ, you can easily test the integration by adding a sick leave event for test in BitaBIZ. The Sick leave event shoud be updated in the employee's Outlook calendar within about 4 minutes.

Please be aware that the Exchange integration synchronizes "on the fly" when the employee adds absence events in BitaBIZ. Therefore only new added events in BitaBIZ will be synchronized with Outlook.
It is important to select a password policy for the Exchange account, so that the password never expires or has to be changed often. When the password expires or is beeing changed, the integration will stop working if you forget to update the password in BitaBIZ as well 

2. The employee's email used in BitaBIZ is not the employee's primary SMTP mail address

If the employee's email address in BitaBIZ is not the primary SMTP mail address, events will not be synchronized with Outlook.

Please do one of the following:

a. Change the employee's email in BitaBIZ to the employee's primary SMTP mail address

b. Change the employee's primary SMTP mail address on your Exchange server to be the one that the employee is created with in BitaBIZ.

In 99% of the cases one of the above solutions fixes the issue.

If the integration is still not restored, please check if the Exchange configuration is setup correctly.

Click on the link below to use Microsofts test tool

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