Project management report

Click: HR Statistics > Reports > Click: Download.

About this report:

  • Get an overview of activity time and absence per employee, department, or your entire company.

  • The report has 2 levels. 1) Employee level where the total number of project and absence hours are displayed per employee. 2) Registration type level that shows the number of hours registered per job code and absence type.

  • The report calculates the Capacity status of the employees. If an employee approaches his standard working hours or even works more than his standard working hours, this is shown in the report.

1. Employees report:

2. Hours breakdown report:

Dimensions that can be filtered by:


Registration type



Time registrations (Created job codes)



Absence (Vacation, sick leave, etc.)





Comments on the report

  • Three icons are displayed in the Employees report, demonstrating the employee working capacity:

  • When hover-over a specific employee, the following information is displayed:
    - Total Hours (Sum of Project and Absence hours)
    - Capacity (Remaining work hours available)
    - Project Hours (Total amount of project hours)
    - Leave of absence (Total amount of absence hours)

How to get your BitaBIZ data updated to this pre-configured report automatically?

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