Here is the first of a series of updates to the new vacation law in BitaBIZ:

  1. We have improved the employee's vacation statistics on the web portal and in our apps.
  2. We have improved the overview on the Adjust absence balances and Other vacation page.

In relation to update no.1: The employee's vacation statistics - The policy which the employee is connected to determines whether the employee:

  • Can borrow advance vacation days that have not been earned yet
  • Is deducted from pay for vacation days that have not yet been earned
  • Can only request vacation days that have been earned at the relevant time for the desired vacation period

Now the employee's statistics display vacation days that have not been earned as either payroll deducted or advanced days on both the web-portal and in apps.

The example below shows advance vacation days:

vacation statistics

Get the full overview of the settings that determine the employee's vacation statistics - Click here!

Other updates to the employee's vacation statistics:

  • We have removed the year counter.
  • The Outlook app has a new page that only shows statistics.
  • When an employee requests vacation with payroll deduction or advance vacation, the employee receives information when the request is made:
vacation request

In relation to update no.2: Adjust absence balance and other vacation

On the adjust absence balance page, we now show more information that describes the employee's vacation balance:

vacation information

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