There are multiple ways to view your time entries in BitaBIZ, it just depends on what view you like. You can always view your time registrations on your calendar in the BitaBIZ web-portal or on the mobile app.

My Calendar overview

With the calendar overview, you can choose between a monthly overview or a workweek overview. Here we are viewing our time registrations in a monthly view.

time registration overview

If multiple time registrations were created on the same day, a box with the total time of the registration will be displayed. When you hover over the entry, full information about the entry is displayed.

time registration software

List overview with your time registrations

With the list overview, your time registrations display in a periodic view.

  • Select My registrations in the panel
  • The period you would like to view
time registration list view

The list now shows the SUM of your time records for the selected period.

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