Create a policy for part-time employees

In BitaBIZ, we divide part-time employees into two groups:

  • Part-time employees who work all 5 days a week but on reduced hours.
  • Part-time employees who have fixed days off and therefore do not have a working week of 5 days.

We recommend that the number of vacation days created for a policy for part-time employees be converted according to the number of weekly working days:

vacation for part-time employees

Example 1: One fixed vacation day per week

  • The vacation policy is created with 20 holiday days
  • The employee's calendar is booked with the regular day off

When the fixed day off is booked for the employee's calendar, it is logical for the employee to use 4 holiday days to take a full week (5 working days) vacation.

With the fixed weekly day off booked, an employee with 20 holiday days per year can hold 5 consecutive holiday weeks:

absence calendar

Read here how policies are created in BitaBIZ:

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