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Vacation policy for part-time employees
Vacation policy for part-time employees

How do I create a vacation policy for part-time employees?

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Create a policy for part-time employees

In BitaBIZ, we divide part-time employees into two groups:

  • Part-time employees who work all 5 days a week but on reduced hours.

  • Part-time employees who have fixed days off and therefore do not have a working week of 5 days.

We recommend that the number of vacation days created for a policy for part-time employees be converted according to the number of weekly working days:

Example 1: One fixed vacation day per week

  • The vacation policy is created with 20 vacation days

  • The employee's calendar is booked with the regular day off

absence calendar

When the fixed day off is booked in the employee's calendar, it is logical for the employee to use 4 vacation days to take a full week (5 working days) vacation.

With the fixed weekly day off booked, an employee with 20 vacatiion days per year can hold 5 consecutive vacation weeks:

Payroll system integration

If your payroll system does not support write-down of the vacation balance on part-time employees, vacation days can be updated to your payroll system with a factor

For example: 1 vacation day held in BitaBIZ is calculated and updated as 1.25 vacation days to your payroll system.

Select factor (e.g. 1:1.25) for calculation of vacation days to your payroll system on the employees policy:

Read here about how policies are created in BitaBIZ:

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