Click: Setup Admin -> Modules

  • A policy divides your employees into groups and manages the employee group's rules for vacation, absences, standard hours, etc.
  • An employee must always be linked to a policy. Read more about how a policy is linked to an employee click here!

A policy divides your employees into groups:

  • Full-time employees (with or without payment for overtime hours)
  • Part-time employees (5 days working week or with a fixed weekly day off)
  • Hourly paid employees (with or without paid breaks)
  • External employees
  • Students
  • Country
  • Company

employee policies

Create a new policy

When you need to create a new policy for an employee group, you have two options:

  1. Select a country to get a preconfigured policy that matches the basic settings for the country's vacation and absence rules.
  2. Copy settings from a previously created policy that already has the desired settings.

employee policies

A new policy is saved with rules and settings for the employee group:

  • Monthly earning or Yearly earning of vacation days
  • Earning and spending other vacation (in hours or days)
  • Access to types of leave
  • Rules for registration of sick day and child sick
  • Public holidays booked for an employee group's calendar
  • Earning of Hour bank hours
  • Earning Day bank days (custom registration type with meter)
  • Access to flextime registration (registration of daily working hours linked to Hour bank and standard working hours)
  • Access to registration of overtime
  • Own paid breaks to be deducted from time registrations
  • Standard working hours per day and week
  • Standard calendar/working week (Monday-Friday or Sunday-Thursday)
  • Country and company
  • Time zone

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