Vacation policies with the setting "Denmark" have been converted to the new Danish vacation law as of the 1st of Sep. 2020

  • On 1/5, Danish vacation policies were transferred to the temporary vacation period.

  • On 1/9, Danish vacation policies were transferred to the new Danish vacation law.

new vacation law

  • If your vacation policy created in BitaBIZ had 25 days on 1/5 2020 then it was converted to 16.64 vacation days in the transition period.

  • If your vacation policy created in BitaBIZ had 30 days on 1/5 2020, it was converted to 20.00 vacation days during the transition period, etc.

Now we have returned the number of vacation days to its original starting point!

The vacation rules for your new Danish policies have been changed to:

  1. Monthly vacation earning. Vacation earned during one month can be requested the following month

  2. An employee cannot request for more vacation days than earned

  3. The vacation earning year follows 1/9 - 31/8

  4. The vacation spending year follows 1/9 2020 - 31/12 2021

Get a good start on the new vacation law!

We have calculated the remaining vacation days from the old vacation year and forwarded remaining days for processing/transfer to the new vacation year.

Click here go to get to the page "Adjust balances" where you can transfer your remaining vacation days to the new vacation year!

Click here to be refreshed on how to manage remaining vacation days!

User guide for the new vacation law!

If you have policies that cover part-time employees, it is a good idea to check that your policies (salary agreements) have the correct number of vacation days per year!

Please note!

The statistics for the old vacation law from before 1/9 2020 will no longer be updated in the employee's calendar. Therefore, neither the manager nor the Payroll Admin can register vacation days back in the old vacation year via their calendar access (only applies to staff on Danish vacation policies). Read more about calendar access here!

The new vacation law is valid in the employee's statistics and will be updated with any remaining vacation days transferred from the old vacation year per 1/9 2020.

Payroll export is not affected. If vacation is approved, it will also be added to your payroll system from the old vacation year. Read more about payroll export here!

Overview of remaining vacation balances from the transition period?

Click: HR statistics -> Vacation -> Select "Denmark.....1.5.2020-31.8.2020"

new danish vacation law

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