New and improved Policy page

Click: Setup Admin -> Modules

When creating a new policy (previously named salary agreement) to cover a group of employees you now have two options:

  1. Select your country to get a pre-configured policy that match basis settings for your country.
  2. Copy settings from a previously created Policy.

A Policy govern rules for a group of employees in a country:

  • earning and requesting vacation
  • earning and requesting a custom vacation type in days or hours (other vacation)
  • access to custom leave types
  • rules sick leave registration (sick day, child sick)
  • official company bank holidays
  • hour bank earning
  • day bank earning (yet another custom event type that can be activated)
  • access to daily work hour registration
  • access to registration of overtime
  • own paid breaks that are deducted time registrations
  • standard work hours per day and week
  • standard calendar/ work week (mon-fri or sun - thur)
  • country and group company
  • local time zone

More settings to Policies now available!

Monthly earning of vacation - available for requesting the following month:

  • When monthly earning is selected as the vacation policy - monthly statistics is added to the employee calendar:

Learn more? Read this user guide!

New Policy rules that govern how employees can request vacation now available:

Need to create a custom vacation type to a group of employees?

  • More settings for earning, transfer and rules now available:

Have a quick look at the new and improved policy page:

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