Working week - Standard working hours

Administration of standard hours on the employee's master data card

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Standard working hours

Standard working hours are used if your company is counting vacation, overtime, sick absence, and flextime in hours.

Employee policy

Standard working hours are default applicable for employees who are created with a policy that is created with standard working hours per week.

Individual working week - Standard working hours

If the employee's standard hours do not match the policy standard work hours the employee is connected to - you can create the standard hours directly to the employee's master data card.

This can reduce the number of policies if your staff has variable working hours / standard hours.

  • Open an employee's master data card from the "Setup Admin" page.

  • Click on the "Working Week" tab.

work hours per week
  1. Own paid breaks have to be set up in the policy for the employee. Own paid breaks are deducted from the gross hours entered above.

  2. The employee's net hours are deducted if necessary. Own paid breaks.

  3. Does the employee's working hours change from week to week? Then enter the employee's hours per even / odd week.

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